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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I want to hear your stories about the martial arts!!

I want to hear your stories about your martial arts studies good and bad.  Tell me the style you study. What made you want to study that art or style. Is a complete system? The hisory of it? Where it can from or how long it's been around? And any thing else you want to discuss on the topic. What ever it may be. The reason for this blogg is I want to know how many styles there are and how many countries all over the world. So please tell me you strory.  A little about my martial art background i studied taekwondo,kenpo and shri ru karate, judo, and wushu( various of styles).  I love the martial arts, the way it moves, how it build strenth inner and outer, how it makes a you feel once you reach your goals. I have studed the martial arts all my life, i am a life long student of the arts and i will never stop learning.  That is just a little about myself so now it's your turn to tell me a little about you.