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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rare Martial Artst for you to enjoy!

 SifuWu —  In Hubei Province in South Central China, originally famous for the Wudang Mountains and the martial arts in the north of the province (around Shiyan and Danjiangkou), south of the province, there are range of rare martial arts that the province is renowned for. These include Kong Men, Zhi Men, Hong Men, Yu Men and Yue Men as examples....These martial arts are seldom known outside of China if even outside of Hubei province where the locations such as Shashi, Jingzhou, Wuhan, etc is where they are practiced.....
The Taiping Wuguan represents many such rare styles as masters from Jingzhou/Shashi are associated with the is the practice of a set HuZhanShan, Tiger occupying the Mountain from the Kong Men (Empty School which also denotes Buddhist School) of Hubei.....

— Here is a rare style of Northern Kung Fu called Mandarin Duck. It's different from the imitation duck style but it still requires strong footwork like the other one does. There are a variety of useful kicks in this form and it seems very easy to learn for someone with a good foundation.

— An incredible video of a very rare style of Tai Chi.

It isn't often known but Tai Chi is among the most brutal and destructive forms of Kung Fu. It is just cleverly hidden in the movements and not taught with combat as the focus of the art. It is the most famous internal style of Kung Fu, however like all internal styles it also has the principles of self defense included in the movements.

I trained with a student of Tai Chi who never once took a lesson on how to fight in his life, yet when attacked by a knife wielding robber he was able to destroy him without even knowing what he had done. Some call it 'Reactive Kung Fu."

This Shaolin Monk demonstration show is unique because it demonstrates some very rare forms and animal styles not usually seen. It was performed at night time.

This was a private performance put on for American ambassadors of the Shaolin Temples USSD on the fourth of July 2007.

The show was shot at night under limited lighting but the performances are secular.

— Very rare style - 12 road Tan Tui of The Wu Dang Coiling Dragon style. It is both an "internal" and "external" style influenced by Bagua and Shaolin ++ more

The player is Sun Xiang (direct lineage holder) He is old (70+ years) in this clip but in very good condition, this is truly what Martial Arts is about - good health :) Enjoy..

— Extremely rare Tai Chi form - Wang Xin-Wu style. Developed in the 1930s by Master Wang Xin-Wu from a combination of Yang and Wu styles. Wang studied with Xu Yusheng (student of Yang Jian-Hou) & Wu Jian-Chuan.(

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